Thursday, May 14, 2009

**Some Old Pics**

This is me when i did my first henna!! Its all pinned up like its really short and all...which kinda sucks but i actually like that look on me...but this is how i usually where my hair while im going thru my process!! *******************************
This is of course Yanicka..with an old curly look...can't wait for the outcome when its fully natural and alot more thicker and longer..its going to be beautiful.... : )

**The Meaning of Yan Tan**

Naturally Yan Tan was created by myself Tania and a close friend name Yanicka. We decided to start a natural recipe for women who want to let go of relaxers and let the natural hair flow. We both decided nine months ago that we would go natural and start are own hair care regimen. We are documenting our transition, natural hair care products, our protective styles, and adventures. Yanicka has did alot of research on different hair products ingredients and how your hair responds to them. We will constinently do reviews on different hair products so you wont have to. We want to be your go to natural hair guide. Using Naturally Yan Tan takes alot of determination and dedication to make sure your hair gets the treatment it deserves. Remember with natural hair keep it healthy and length will come : )



Or should i say best hair in atlanta!!! ( Hell Naw!!!)


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