Thursday, September 3, 2009


holla chicas!!

Tan and I went the the bronners brother hair show and ran into the the Mixed Chicks booth. We grabbed a couple of samples and some information. one thing that drew us .. were the prices whoa.... the whole set was 100 big ones!! .. so we skipped the products and jumped on the cute tshirts! We both bought these!!
Last Night, I finally decided to try the mixed chicks leave in conditoner ... and boy wow... MY CURLS BECAME SOOOOO TIGHT.. THAT IT LOOKED LIKE I CUT MY HAIR AGAIN LOL.. THEY WERE REALLY MOISTURIZED AND SMOOTH .. NO FRIZZ! ..
* update ... Remember the front of my hair was really wavy and not curly.... I cute the top a little and guess what... BIG CURLS... I guess the heat damage hair grew out finally.. you never know whats underneath all of that u know !! YOUR HAIR WILL SURPRISE YOU AS IT GROWS OUT!! - KEY ADVICE..
Later Chicas!


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