Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey Tan! It's Romney @CoarseDame from twitter! I finally had some time and really wanted to do this!!!

My story: I have had 2 traumatic hair losses in the past 4 years. Both were due to low maintenance with relaxers, I didn't have the money while I was in school to do them and the first mistake was letting someone do an out of the box relaxer my freshman year of college. I lost so much hair...I can't even explain it. I began wearing half wigs and braids until I finally went back home to my original hair dresser. She cut my hair wicked short, but it was for the best and had to be done. The second traumatic hair loss was nearly 2 years later, my hair had grown back I was doing relaxers in more a routing about once very 2 months, because financially that's all I could afford. Unfortunately after deciding to chop my hair down into a bob with bangs I had a hard time maintaining that and it began to fall off yet again! I was applying way too much heat on my hair and it broke off rather quickly. My hair was so uneven, I didn't know what to do! I finally saw the light and realized that this obviously was NOT for me anymore. At the time I was living in Chicago and I was able to locate someone (who is now a dear friend) that specializes in natural hair care and transitioning styles. Immediately we clicked and she cut off my damaged hair and put latchook weave in my hair. This was the beginning of my natural journey. I'm not sure if that was my BC but I surely think of it as one. I transitioned from Jan. 08 to May 09. I trimmed my relaxed hair in between and no longer have any left. I have been rockin my natural hair with pride since I've moved to Boston. I feel like a new me and I'm loving it. Recently I started a Meet Up group for naturals living in the Boston area and I also just launched my personal natural blog. I'm not really sure what the purpose of my blog is yet, I will be using it as an outlet for those who may have the same natural hair care questions as me! I just want to thank you for reading this, it means a lot to me.

Thank You hunn Glad u gave us your story!!!! ;-p Loved it!!!


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