Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hey Ladies,

*** THE VERDICT*****

I LOVVVVVEEE THIS STUFF! buy it buy it! Its thick , creamy and moisturizing. My little big curls are soo shiny. major hold too ! I purchased my tube for 15 bones.. but they do have a small one... to try for ...3 bucks!!! Its a good steal !! I totally recommend this product!!

I can't keep my fingers out of my hair people !!!!!!!! 5 Stars

I already have a soft texture but who wouldn't want it softer soo I went on a man hunt for that product ..

I have been reading alot of product reviews on Redken All Soft Heavy Cream !! I'm not big on spending big bucks on hair products but the reviews were all 5 stars. check out what it claims to do.

REDKEN All Soft Heavy Cream Super Treatment 8.5 oz

*Hair is dramatically softer with increased manageability, movement and luminous shine.
*Provides intense softness, replenishment and strength.
*Formulated with Redken's exclusive Interbond System and Silk Luxe Complex.
*A rich, deep conditioning cream that intensely softens and controls frizz on extremely dry, brittle hair.

I will post the Verdict Friday!! :) later Gators Yan


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