Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Scab Hair or soo they call it...

Well... I was doing my hair today and I noticed that the front of my hair doesn't really curl that much but waves :( any who... I'm sure it will look nicer once it grows out and has weight on it..

I took a much closer look and i noticed it was a different texture then my whole head.. this lead me to research if any other naturals were experiencing the same thing...

OH yes they were...

Scab hair ...“scab hair” which is the new-grow hair that grows out after a perm. Scab hair is not like your true texture. It is drier, rougher, and possibly harder to manage. I also noticed that maybe I didn't cut out all the relaxer ... I ran my fingers across the length of my hair strands and felt little dips along the way.. Chemical damage... ( relaxer is still there hanging on) soo.. I might need to do a little front trim that definitely has relaxer on it.

here is what I felt on my strands up close above !!

and here is what my hair looks like with out chemical or heat ... complete virgin hair !!

Later Gators ,


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

Wow, I wondered the same thing about the front of my head. Makes sense.
Thanks for sharing :-).

Anonymous said...

I also have natural hair and experience the same thing. I always figured that the hair on the front of my hair would heal itself with time. Thanks for informing me more about my hair!


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