Monday, June 22, 2009

Soo.. I went to CurlTopia!!!! and I ....

lOVED IT!!! LADIES!! if you live in the Atlanta area or surrounding states please visit Curltopia hair boutique.

backtrack!! remember Tan and I did the big chop which left room I might add for left over relaxer pieces and definitely no shape to my hair.

I did some research on salons that did great cuts for curly heads and they were at the top of my list. My experience was amazing.

I was treated so well and the decor of the salon was so cute. My stylist Gissele was very understanding and professional.

She gave me a consultation and taught me step by step how to style and moisturize my hair . I was really nervous about the hair cut but the end result was soo cute. The left over relaxer pieces were hiding my curls and they popped out when she trimmed them off. They offer soo many different services including a steam treatment which actually reduces frizz and increases moisture in the follicle. The asistants and the stylist were soo sweet and helpful with all of my newly natural questions.

They later finger styled my hair with Curls. This brand is amazing and its all natural. They carry Miss Jessies as well. Great Great Product!! I would suggest anyone that has poofy curls to try Miss Jessies. It works miracles!!
At the End of the Day I was very happy!! Highly Recommend Ladies!! Im offically ready to start growing. I will add pictures of my final cut for the next 1 and 1/2 years!

take a look at their website --- picture credit: curltopia

Miss Jessies - curly meringue !!gives your curls the bong feeling lol

Curls- curl milkshake two thumps up !!!

Pictures will be posted of the new cut stay tuned!!



Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Sucks that there's not "curltopia" in the NYC area. =/
Nothing better than an understanding stylist! I hatteee when a stylist is totally doing whatever and don't wanna listen. *sigh* all you wanna scream is ..."its MYYYY hair!" lol!

The steam treatment sounds doooope! *running fingers through hair* I could use that! lol!

Love the blog ladies!

Be back soon!

-Kelly of *AF*

Nikki said...

How awesome is that!? You know it somewhat saddened me to see a natrual hair salon called "Oh My Nappy Hair" that was shutting down while in Los Angeles this past weekend. Though I thought the title of the salon was a bit much... it catered to those with "natural naps".. Speaking of them... When my baby was 2 I bought her a book called "Happy to be Nappy" about our naps... for babies though :o) Love it!

Gigi said...

Thanks! I'm going to give them a call NOW!

Anonymous said...

yours is awesome too! i have to go check this place out now!!

zainab1 said...

Hey ladies, sounds great , glad you ladies had a wonderful exprience. Also thanks for the product review , this is quite helpful.

cerberus said...

hello ladies,
Thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

ok!! im following!!... i see more interesting stuff on here i wanna read! ... k.i.t. too!

Laquita said...

Wonderful review of Curltopia - can't wait to see the pics :o)

BTW: Great blog - you all have a new stalker - I mean follower ;o)

ChocolateOrchid said...

Hi yantan!

I'm so jealous, and happy for you all. =) I've been wanting to go here for awhile. I said I'd check it out this summer since it's been over a year since I've been to a salon. Actually, Tas did my BC back when he worked at Urbanbella.

I'll definitely have to book an appointment w/them before the end of the summer.

Congrats on your experience there.


Renée aka Mekhismom said...

I hear great things about Miss Jessie products and what a great review! I have locs and think I have found my perfect salon. An eco salon that uses natural hair products. You might try that out too.

Hair and Beyond said...

Just stopping by and saying hello.
Nice hair btw I really want to try the Miss Jessies curly pudding on my daughters hair. From the link you posted I see that they have a sample package for 45 dollars. Most def will be ordering this for her.

yanicka said...

thank you ladies... Kelly Ninah Kiyyah.. you are soo lucky you live in New York City. HOME OF THE MISS JESSIES SALON.

120 Hancock St
(between Bedford Ave & Nostrand Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11216

(718) 852-2600

and you thought you didn't have a natural hair salon in the big apple girl!!

Thank you ladies for the comments and please do check Curltopia out!

Hair and Beyond - The sample package is the best. you get to see what products fits you best with out wasting too much money. I recommend !!

Nikki-- the title of that salon is a tad bit disturbing lol .. i agree.

Pictures coming soon!! :)Later Yan

MiMiJ said...

This is definately dope ladies!!! Much love and love your blog!! I will continue to check you guys out as I am a natural gal as well :)

Renee said...

Thanks for the love!

Inspired by learning to do my daughters hair, I've been relaxer free for a little over a year!!

Keep up the good work ladies and keep us beautiful!

Emilia said...

Hi nice post you posted today! Looks very appealing the place...I Like your blog to nice info

VI Chick said...

Hey ladies, thanks for hitting up my blog.
I really like the blog. I always thought about going natural but never had the guts. I'm loving this though.

Jheanelle said...

Thanks for stopping bye my blog, ladies. =]

I've heard really good things about Curltopia, but I haven't been there. I'll definitely have to make some time to check them out, though. They sound really helpful. Can't wait to see the pics!

Fergie said...

Hey Ladies,
Great Blog, I'll be reading...

Phyllis said...

Great review! Nice salon!

I've been thinking about growing out of my relaxer...

sweetness said...

hi Yanicka, hi Tania
let me start by saying i love ur blog
and da pictures too!

am tryna grow my natural hair back n i cud use some help i get 4m ur suggestions
thnx 4 dropping by :)

aisha said...

I am so impressed. I thought a desire to wear hair natural was only my dream. Thanks for dropping by my site. See you at the Festival

BSNC said...

Its seems they did a very good job. Nice...

thanks for stopping by my blog :D said...

Thanks for showing my page some luv, I am on a journey to becoming all NATURAL as well. Its the best decision I have made thus far. Keep it up ladies!!Be confident in YOU!


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