Tuesday, July 14, 2009

**Milk and Honey Hair Smoothie Mix**

Milk & Honey Hair Smoothie!!!!! Pre/Post Swim Conditoner (Its Summer Time!!!!)

1 can of pure coconut milk (rich moisturize - hydrates, conditions and de-frizzes hair)
1 ripe avocado (natural source of protein - chlorine robs the hair of protein)
2 tablespoons of pure honey (conditions and adds sheen)
2 tablespoons of olive oil (hydrophobic oil that acts as a barrier to chlorine and salt water)

Directions: Add ingredients to blender. Mix at high speed until your concoction reaches a smoothie consistency. Store in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. You can warm up your hair smoothie in the microwave before next application...just enough to re-chill.

How to apply to Hair:Section hair into 4 segments. Generously apply evenly to hair, from root to ends concentrating on ends..(ends are most damaging). Smooth hair into a protective style (braided ponytail, or a bun).

After that its FUN TIME IN THE WATER!!!! ENJOY ;-P



Joycelynn said...

thanks for commenting on my blog! natural is the way!

Yan Tan said...

No Problem hunn!! ;-p NATURAL IS DEF THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CurvyGurl ♥ said...

You reminded me of a way to use coconut milk. I bought some the other week, but forgot how I planned to use it...lol


Lena Jolie said...

Cool! Sounds like something I'd like to try out one of these days

Fergster said...

I am in need of a blender. And as soon as I get one, I will try this. Might try to apply it bi weekly. I've been doing fairly well with protective styling during the week. So I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. Since their all natural ingredients.

Thanks for the recipe. =)

Yan Tan said...

Yes hunn i think u will love the smoothie! n of course all natural is always a plus!! ;-p

let us know when u finally get to make some!!


Nikki said...

Hmmmm... sounds like something I'd try.. thanks ladies!!!

zainab1 said...

Very interesting, I've never heard of this mix I will have to try this , sounds great!

MissI said...

Nice blog!
U stopped by at mine so I thot I should return ur visit.
I got the BC on May 5, 2008 cuz I was just plain tired and my hair was cutting.
I'm Nigerian so my natural hair is really, really tough so I hardly go out with it, usually have a weave fixed or something.
I would really love to be able to carry my natural hair so if u have any suggestions, I'll be tres grateful.
P.S: Sorry about the long post

mochacurl said...

Hey, stopping by to return the love!

positivelypink said...

WOw! this seems cool....

I definately would be trying this...

I am relaxed tho... would this still benefit me as well?

Sassy Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm going to try this ASAP, I'm in the pool just about everyday. Where can I post pics of my hair for you guys to see?


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