Friday, August 28, 2009

Natural Hair Styles!!! ;-p

Long Comb Coils

Head full of Coils

Short Two Strand Twists

Double Stranded Rods

Diamond Parted Bantu Knots

Curly Locs

Cornrows and Twists
So Ladies Which Style Do You Like??? Or Rock with already!!! ;-p
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ChocolateOrchid said...

Lovin' all these hairstyles!
I had comb coils shortly after I bc'd 2 yrs ago. I had wondered if they were still doable with longer hair. That first pic says it all.

Think I may revisit this style.

Emilia said...

Beautiful with natural hair! I am loving this esp the last picture

CallaLily said...

Hi YanTan!

They are ALL so beautiful but I think the last on if my fav.

Have a great weekend :-)

zainab1 said...


Story Of A Girl said...

I do my hair in the long coils, it lasts about 4 days, I love it!!

Lena Jolie said...

Those styles are all cute!!

I rock those hot two-strand twists :) but I would love to try long comb coils one day. I always thought your hair had to be short to do those for some reason

Have a lovely day ;)

Milan said...

I like them all! Lately, I've been rockin with braid outs but I recently, like this week, started experimenting with flat twist outs and curly fros and luv em.

I cant wait till my twists get longer like the girl's pictured. I think I'll be wearing a lot of those this upcoming fall/winter season.

Miss Malorie said...

Hey ladies!!!

Wanted to stop by and visit your site! It's been too long since you first commented on my blog :)

I will definitely be visiting! I need the info :)

I can't wait until my hair grows out more and more! :D

Thanks for your comments and keep visiting the blog!


Romney said...

Those are amazing!!!

Babydoll said...

Great styles!! I wish my hair would do some of this stuff!!

Candace Sheppard said...

Hey Ladies!

I had to just let you know that you both are so inspiring! So are these pics. Just a little while ago you left a comment on my mommy blog and when I so your page you "started" the inspiration for me to go natural...again... yes again I know.. anyhoo, just wanted to send some natural love back over to you and say thank you! keep doin' what you do!

Jo-Ann said...

Right now, my hair is in the cornrows and twists . . . it's one my favoritite styles.

monblaze said...

really cool blog y'all...
but i must say, i dont think natural hair is for everyone...i used to have natural hair when i was younger my older sis and i have this very thick head of was hard to comb out, it couldn't be packed into a bun, when water touched it, it was tough but if my hair was soft i'd definately go natural, mos def!! lol....

Beautiful Napps said...

Just poppin' in to say HEY!! Nice site. The Cornrows and Twists Pic is my dream hair.

Hair and Beyond said...

Love all these hair styles.

yours truly said...

wow, really nice feature of the styles. particularly as they're meant for more tightly coiled textures.

@ monblaze, don't take this as an attack. but i think there are a lot of misconceptions you need to get past when it comes to natural hair, one being that it has to be "soft" to manageable. it doesn't. it's a matter of how you educate yourself on your hair type and work with the products, techniques and styles that suit it. just my two cents.

Anonymous said...

wow i really found this to be interesting. thanks for sharing



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