Friday, May 28, 2010


hello ladies! wow its been a year already i still can't believe it!! This past year has been a ride for me thru growing my hair to having a baby!! Im excited that i have a little girl!! I can't wait to see how hair is going to be!! Curly im guessin like her Mama ;-p.....

I also moved down to Fl so thats is the sad part thru out this past year, but i do plan on moving back up to ATL i miss Yan so much and being apart is not what we are use to!!

Can't wait to reunite so we can post some pics of us together AGAIN!!!

Im proud of all you ladies! Keep up the Natural! Such a great feeling!!


1 comment:

HunnaeBunnae said...

hey you! thanks for showing some love and support on my blog!! just thought i'd blow a kiss your way!! have a nice day....


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