Friday, July 24, 2009

**Have a Great Weekend**

Hey guys we hope you all have a great Weekend!!!

Let us know what style you guys are gonna rock???

Be Safe and Take Care!!! ;-p



Queenbuv3 said...

Still rockin' my hawk! I wish I had done it sooner! All this rain is killing my curls : (

Yan Tan said...

@queenbuv3- awww thats not good! :(
i know you are to made about that!!
can't wait until our hair is longer! then we can really start rockin new styles!!!! ;-p

For now just wash-n-go's


Fergster said...

I keep my hair in buns during the week, so I will definitely have my curls out this weekend!

Thank you and have a blessed and safe weekend!!!

Yan Tan said...

@fergster- awww ok that sounds nice!! ;-p

and u welcome hunn!! keep in touch thru twitter!!! ttyl


Shoshoni said...

Hey Girls,
I think I'm gonna try twists or fingercoils...enjoy your weekend!!!

fab_E said...

hey guys!

i've been mia for a minute but the hair is looking awesome! pretty blog layout too, AND congrats on over 200 followers!

i also have let wearing my weave go for the time being and rocking my own hair. i'm about half relaxed half natural and i'm wearing a rod set so i don't have to do much maniuplation. now I need to start finding a hair regimen that works for my hair, but the journey is great so far!

keep up the great work!

Milan said...

I've been rockin a now week old wash n go. LOL. Time to wash it again! Thanks for the invite to check out your place. I'm now following you ladies!

Yan Tan said...

@shoshoni- hey hunn how did your hair turn out this past weekend??


@Fab_E-hey hunn glad to hear from you again!!! And thank you still in shock that we have over 200 followers!! ;-p so i see your half n half now what do you use on ur far as products when u rock your own?? Our hair is still shortttttt but it is growing we do see some changes!! so thats good : )...keep in touch hunn...


@Milan- Hey hunn thanks for stopping by!!! and i see you with the wash-n-go lol sounds like me!! what products do u use?? keep in touch hunn!!!!



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