Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hey ladies, we've been tagged by the beautiful "AuNaturale"(Thanks sis). This is our very first time being tagged. Below we've listed 10 things about "NaturallyYanTan". After listing ten things about us we will then tag 10 more beautiful ladies ( listed below). Ladies, After listing 10 things about yourself all to be true. Link back to the person who tagged you and then chose 10 people of your liking to be tagged. Don't' forget to inform them that they have been tagged. Enjoy!!!

So..... Ten things about us:

1. We both are graduates from Florida A&M University (FAMU) : )

2. We both would love to pursue nursing careers one day!!

3. We love steak n shake!!! lol ;-p

4. We both have boyfriends whom we love to death!! Shout out to Chris n Ron!!! ;-p

5. We have both been natural for about two n half months now!! WOW!!

6. We both love Coconut!! The Coconut Bars at Whole Foods!! In Love!!!!

7. Yan is half Jamaican!!! ;-p

8. Tan is half Puerto Rican!!! ;-p Yes i know Spanish Fluently : )

9. Yan loves Boat Sailing.... ;-p

10. Tan loves Singing even tho i can't lol ;-p ( Shame )

10 other Beauties:

1. Mane and Chic

2. Black Girl with Long Hair

3. Kinky Rhonnie's Spot

4. Naturally Leslie

5. Spiced Honey

6. Serenity 3-0

7. The Natural Haven

8. CurlyNikki

9. Keep it Simple Sista

10. Coily World



Jc said...

I got tagged! It was interesting to read your 10 things! I need to learn some Spanish but I'm working on German right now!

Yan Tan said...

@jc- No problem hunn!!!! ; german i wonder if i could ever learn that i think that would be very interesting!!!! If you learn spanish i think u would love it : )
keep in touch hunn!!!



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