Thursday, October 22, 2009


I finallly found my list of products that I forever love.. and I'm cleaning out the bottom of my sink.. no mmmmore products.. * once you find a product that works for you!! stick with it*

My list goes like this.

Shampoo: ACV rinse or Kinky Curly Come Clean

Deep Conditioner: Kerafore Deep Conditioner
Dominican Deep Conditioner Miss Keys 10 en 1

Leave in: Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Leave in or Aussie Moist

Styling: Kinky Curly Curly Custard - GREAT STUFF

sealant for my ends : SHEA BUTTER -

* note my hair has grown like crazy..-- Yan


Romney said...

I miss you girls!! Great products! I have KCCC & Knot Today, Garnier. I'm looking for a Deep conditioner and some shea butter!

Indulgenceiskey said...

I totally agree. If you find products that work for you, continue to use them. It doesn't help you if you keep buying products after you have found what works for you. I know it is easy for some of us to jump on different bandwagons due to great product reviews of certain products, but keep it to a minimum and stick with what you know.

LaQT said...

Wow your staple list is so simple. I cant wait to get here. I am on my way. I am very happily in pj rehab and hopefully. I will clear out my cabinets by the end of next summer. I'm not even stocking staples right now b/c I have so much stuff. Good for you. Looking for those update pics!!!

zainab1 said...

wow great products, I would agree once finding a product that really, really works well . It's a keeper. Take care (smiles)

Sn3akrFr3akr said...

Where do you ladies find your Shea butter? When I was back home in NY - I used the blocks of shea that the African people sold in Harlem. Since I moved to Florida - I haven't the slightest clue where to buy good, affordable Shea and Cocoa butters. Retail store suggestions?

yanicka said...

Thank you ladies for all the comments! I'm glad you ladies are all on the right track. yes Pjing can be a bad habit and a money issue if continued. smh.. Keep it simple sisters and your hair will grow. I will be doing a hair update in a month. I really wanted to show some really growth. December will be my 6 month. So I am going to do a full photo up date. :) I'm excited . good luck to all those transtioning .. you are making the best decision ever!!

Later guys !!

Dana said...

ha okay so im an african american teen looking for the right products to make my hair GROW :) haha this is my first time seeing your guys blog and I'm curious: what do you guys advise for growing hair?? i had one bad hair cut and the hair dresser took too much off and Ive been searching everywhere for products that will help with my lack of length but over abundance of volume and my horrible split ends due to flat ironing but i have yet to find a product that works for me.. I have gone through dozens of products in the last two years that don't work very good. they just leave grease and tears :( haha thanks for having this blog where i can find some answers :)


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