Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One Year Anniversary ON the Horizon.. Horrible Bloggers.

Yes... its been how long since we posted?? I know .. we are horrible.. on a lighter note .. I thought it would be only right to post on the Day Tan gives birth to a beautiful Baby Girl named Lyric .. Congrads 'Sis.

June is YanTan's Big Chop Anniversary...........

We cannot wait to show you our progress.

I'm going to do a list for the many tips I have learned during this growing out process..

Yes I had bad days.. days I wanted to relax.. days I would look at someone's straight long hair/ weave/ Lace Front.. and did mmm maybe I should..

Im glad I substain the temptation.. to go back to the damaging effects I was all soo use too.

My hair has grown to a very exciting length...... Apl stretched.. shoulder length curly..

Experiment.. Tested and Approved... Cowashing everyday.. shea butter on my ends.. and Kinky Curly Custard for Control..... ........results in shoulder length hair curly ... in 10 months...

The best thing I ever did for my hair.. it is healthier and happier than ever.. Hopefully I can borrow my boyfriend's camera.. to show u soon.

Anyone doudting your decision.... don't... you won't regret it.. be patient and once you get some length your hair will hang and your curls will elongate.. Just give it some time.. you will be where you want in noo time.

Later Gators, Yan


CallaLily said...

Welcome back. Congrats on your bundle of joy :-)

Dani said...

Happy nappiversary!!!


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