Friday, October 9, 2009

Product Review Friday!!!! Brazilian Edition !!

Happy Friday Ladies,
Remember I told all of you that new product reviews and topics to come... welll... here is the beginning of the very long list of product reviews I have!!... I did some research on Brazilian products because they do have one of the largest population of woman of color and hair technology is excellent there.

Whenever I run into Brazilian women.. Their Curls are just Beautiful, Long and bouncy!! I have seen all textures.. from 2 C to 4 A.... flowing down their backs.. sooooo What do they use?

several internet searches and interviews.. I finally found .... Seda!!!! Kera force!! Made by the same company as SUNSILK ....When I finally picked up the product.. lol I was soo shocked at the brown girl with the long curly hair on the front..!! lOVES IT! I only picked up the deep conditioner and leave in. In Addition, there is a Sedal Line as well. They only sell that one in Dominican Republic :( but if you find it same product).

NOTE: All products are in Portuguese. Don't fear.. I did all the translation for you :)
My Review: Seda Keraforce Deep Condtioner.---- Like Butter lol.... Soo thick.. it just melts on to your hair.. * Detangles, Great Smell. and My hair felt like silk afterwards.. you can leave on for 20 mins for a deep treatment or three for a conditioner rinse. 5 stars!!!

Seda Kerafore Leave in Conditioner--- great stuff!! I noticed a instant difference in my curl pattern... much tighter.. it was a little odd.. but not a bad odd at all.. just more defined than usual. My hair dried crispy at first but once completely dried.... soft, separated, bouncy curls.

Cost: $4 .85 Each... All the same price
Where: Any Brazilian Grocery Store Near You!!,

Definitely will buy again!!
Later Chicas-- Yaya


CallaLily said...

Thanks for the review - sounds interesting.

*Stop by my blog when you can. I'm doing a contest/giveaway*

DramaBrainiac_Cutie said...

sounds pretty interesting maybe Brazilian products CAN work wonders 4m y hair 2

DramaBrainiac_Cutie said...

this sounds nice but where can you get these products?

yanicka said...

search any brazillian grocery store in your area!!

Nikki said...

well do let us know how that works!!!


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